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Web Presence Optimisation

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Web Presence Optimisation is making sure your website, social and business tools work the best they can for what you need them to do... For now; the near future and beyond...

A high level overview of what can make up Web Presence Optimisation is included in the download: Some Consideration when Designing and Building a Website and can include:

  • Onsite Optimisation for improved Organic SEO
  • Information Architecture (design and implementation)
  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Configuration (Servers, CMS's, Extensions and Applications)

Website Optimisation

We look over your current website, make and implement suggestions and recommendations to help make your site perform better. This might be similar to the evolution of the Porsche.

While the silhouette may look familiar from a distance, when you get up close, there are new technologies, performance improvements and efficiency gains. This is what we will do for your website.

Optimisation = Faster + More Reliable + Easier to Find + Easier to Use + More Devices = More Successful Transactions

Several porsche models over time in a slide show. Thee volution of the Porsche shows optimisation to increase performance while leaving a familiar look

image source | see an innovative Porsche evolution website design

Website Optimisation can include:

  • Information Architecture and navigation Improvements
  • Site re-design and re-configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • Onsite Search Engine Optimisation
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Content Development

If you would like a whole new website, we can do that as well.

We call that a website transformation and can include:

  • Designing and Building a brand new website
  • Combining several websites into a single website as part of Digital Asset Consolidation....

See our Knowledge and Experience
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